Alex Kiss Music

Alex Kiss is a Russian electronic music producer based in Oslo, Norway. Being a teenager in the late 80s and early 90s, he has been deeply fascinated with the underground dance music scene of that time. To capture that fascination and passion he started producing his own music using a tracker software and fairly quickly became known on the internet music scene as Nexus — one of the people who were trying to push the functionality of trackers to the limits. These limitations forced him to work outside the box and to come up with creative ways of producing music, which  later became part of his sound and philosophy of music writing. Following his passion for music and technology, he traveled to Sweden to study professional music production. After many releases and several high placements in various music scene competitions Alex stopped producing because of personal reasons, but the music has never stopped being one of his most burning passions.

Now, almost 20 years later, he is back, older, wiser and armed with better tools, but with the same drive to create electronic music that stands out and touches others. Being influenced by many bands of the past and a lot of music from today, Alex is not pursuing to produce music in one specific genre. Instead, he strives to create  music that speaks to people. His sound is progressive, organic, intimate and raw.